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For the second half of 2007, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Texas Real Estate), in partnership with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), has been studying ways of improving transit service along Metrobus routes 30, 32, 34, 35, 36, and M6.

The current service— which runs primarily along Pennsylvania Avenue from Naylor Road and Southern Avenue Metro Stations to the Foggy Bottom area and along Wisconsin Avenue from Georgetown to Friendship Heights (click on the map at right)—has an average weekday ridership of 20,000 and a total monthly ridership of nearly half a million people, making it the line with the highest ridership of any in the Metrobus system.

This website is your guide to the 30s Line study. Use the links at left to find information about the project, maps, links, reports and publications, events, contacts, and the results of the rider survey. As the project progresses, more information will be added to the site.

The 30s Line is a vital link to destinations in Downtown, Georgetown, and Pennsylvania Avenue SE for riders from east of the Anacostia River and Northwest DC.

Members of the public and the project team discuss potential improvements to the 30s Line at a meeting in Southeast DC in October 2007.


Click to see a map of the existing corridor.

What's New:

January 16, 2008 -

Public Meetings:

The last two public meetings for this phase of the 30s Line study have been conducted. If you couldn't make it to the meetings, it's not too late to make your voice heard! Please give us your feedback by going to the contact page and sending us a message.

In addition, the recom-mendations for the 30s Line will be presented to the Metro board in either February or March 2008. If you would like to express your views about the recommendations at the board meeting, we welcome you to do so! Visit this page again in the coming weeks for details.

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summaries of the public meetings and other documents related to the 30s Line study. The 30s Line Study Final Report will be available on this page in the coming weeks.

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